Historic Sheet Music Collection

Belle Mahone

John Hugh McNaughton

Words and music by J.H. McNaughton Entered according to Act of Congress A.D. 1867, by Penn & Remington


1. Soon beyond the harbor bar,

Shall my bark be sailing far,

O'er the world I wander lone,

Sweet Belle Mahone ...

O'er thy grave I weep goodbye,

Hear, oh hear my lonely cry,

O without thee what am I,

Sweet Belle Mahone?

Chorus: Sweet Belle Mahone! Sweet Belle Mahone!

Wait for me at Heaven's gate. Sweet Belle Mahone!

2. Lonely like a withered tree,

What is all the world to me?

Life and light were all in thee,

Sweet Belle Mahone ...

Daisies pale are growing o'er

All my heart can e'er adore,

Shall I meet thee nevermore,

Sweet Belle Mahone?

3. Calmly, sweetly slumber on.

(Only one I call my own!)

While in tears I wander lone,

Sweet Belle Mahone ...

Faded now seems ev'ry thing,

But when comes eternal spring,

With thee I'll be wandering,

Sweet Belle Mahone!


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