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Come Along to Honeymoon Land

(Let’s Go Honeymooning Honey)

Successfully Sung By

Edward Convey

Music by Henry Clay Smith

Lyrics by Raymond A. Browne

New York: Smith & Browne Inc. Music Publishers, 124 W. 45th St.

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[Verse 1]
Oh! oh! Hear the bells a ringing!
Oh! oh! hear the organ singing!
Are you ready?
It’s our wedding day, Hooray!
Oh! oh! see the folks are waiting!
Take my hand, and,
When the knot it tied,
Standing side by side,
We will start for Happy land.

“Lets go honey spooning, Honey!
In the Loving Land we’ll wander, hand in hand,
Oh! Oh! Oh! Lets go honey mooning Honey!
Say, won’t that be grand?
Just you Listen to this:
We’ll have all kinds of bliss,
For we’ll hug and we’ll kiss,
Not a thing will we miss!
Come along!
Come along to Honey moon Land”

[Verse 2]
Oh! oh! how my heart is humming!
Oh! oh! happy days are coming!
Hear that music playing soft and low, lets go!
Oh! oh! Preacher is a calling;
Time is here, dear, In a little while,
Walking down the aisle,
I will whisper in your ear:


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