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Come Jesus, Redeemer

Adapted to the melody of “A Dream”

For High Voice, in G; Low Voice in D

By Ray Palmer & James Carol Bartlett

Boston: Oliver Ditson Company

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[Verse 1]
Come Jesus, Redeemer, abide Thou with me,
Come gladden my spirit that waiteth for Thee;
Thy smile ev’ry shadow shall chase from my heart,
And soother ev’ry sorrow, tho’ keen be the smart,
And soothe ev’ry sorrow, tho’ keen be the smart.
Oh! thou blessed Jesus, who once for me died,
Made clean in the fountain that flow’d from Thy side,
I shall see Thy full glory, Thy face shall behold,
And praise Thee with rapture for ever untold,
And praise Thee with rapture for ever untold.



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