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Long I for thee!
Ballad written by Honble. George Lunt; the music composed and respectfully dedicated to Miss Waldie, of Philadelphia, by Willam R. Dempster.

Philadelphia. Published by John F. Nunns
184 Chestnut St.
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As yonder lone and lovely star
Hangs o'er the western hills afar
And pausing in it's downward flight
Longs lingering for the coming night
Long I for thee! Long I for thee!

The last fond flowers that loved to fling
Their fragrance on the branch of Spring
And pine beneath the skies of June
Mourn not so for the waning Moon
As I for thee! As I for thee!

The wild bird fills the local grove
With wailings for his absent love
So every passing breath of Air
Must on its buoyant pinions bear
Some sigh for thee! Some sigh for thee!

That lovely star shall wax and wane
Those flowers shall die and bloom again
The sweet bird sing his mate to rest
So shall I yet to this fond breast
Fold thee, love thee! Fold thee, love thee!


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