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Date approximate based on publisher and lithographer Sacred Lyrics, No. 7 The poetry by Mrs. Hemans, Music by S. Nelson New York, Published by Firth & Hall, No. 1, Franklin Square Fleetwood's Lithog.

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Fear was in the tossing bark

When stormy winds grew loud

And waves came rolling high and dark,

And the tall mast was bow'd

And men stood breathless in their dread

And baffeled in their skill

But ONE was there, who rose and said

To the wild sea Be still!

To the wild sea Be still!

And the wind ceased it ceased that word

Pass'd the gloomy sky

The troubled billows knew their Lord

And sank beneath his eye.

And Slumber settled on the deep,

And silence on the blast

As when the righteous fall asleep,

When death's fierce throes are past

When death's fierce throes are past

Thou that didst rule the angry hour,

And tame the tempests mood

Oh! send they Spirit forth in pow'r

O'er our dark souls to brood!

Thou that didst bow the billows pride

Thy mandates to fulfil

So speak to passion's raging tide

Speak and say Peace, be still

Peace, be still

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