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Cry-Baby Blues

Words by Joe Young & Sam M. Lewis

Writers of “My Mammy”

Music by George W. Meyer

New York (1587 Broadway): Irving Berlin, Inc. Music Publishers (1921)

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[Verse 1]
You’re the baby I’ve been callin’ my own
Oh! me, Oh! my,
You’re about the meanest baby I’ve kown
And here’s just why,
When I wanna kiss you answer no I’ll tell you this,
I’m gonna go
And babies always cry when they’re left alone.
(You’ll get those)

Cry Baby Blues you’re gonna cry baby
Cry Baby Blues just means good bye baby;
Sugar o’ mine, You’re so refined,
You wont do this! wont do that!
What’s on your mind?
Cry Baby Blues
You’re gonna die baby;
Kisses you’ll lose as sweet as pie baby;
Ask mos’any sweetie at the candy shop
What good is a loly without any pop?
If I skiddoos you’re gonna cry
Baby Those cry Baby Blues.

[Verse 2]
You must think your kiss is made out of gold
Oh! me, Oh! my,
They won’t do you any good when you’re old
And here’s just why,
When roses are red, bees hand around
When they are head, bees can’t be found
There’ll be no bees around when your love grows cold.
(You’ll get those)




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