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The Crying of Water (Le Cri Des Eaux)

Written for and dedicated to George Hamlin

By Louis Campbell-Tipton

New York (2 East 43d Street): G. Schirmer, Inc. (1914)

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[Verse in English & French]
Water, voice of my heart crying in the sand,
Eaux voix de mon cœur, Tu gémis sur le sable,
All night long crying with mournful cry.
Et la nuit s’émeut de ta douleur.
As I lie and listen, and cannot understand
Dis moi si ta clameur Et ton cri lamentable
The voice of my heart in my side, or the voice of the sea.
ont jailli de mon sein, ou do la mere en pleurs.
O water, water, crying for rest,
O flots, flots, Altérés de repos,
Is it I? is it I? N’êtesvous pas mon âme en peine?
All night long
Voix des Eaux,
The water is crying to me.
Ta plainte lugubre est la mienne.


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