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Dear Old Pal of Mine

Sung by Mr. John McCormack

Words by Gitz Rice, Lieut. (First Canadian Contingent)

New York (14 E. 43rd St.): Published by G. Ricordi & Co., Inc (1918)

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**Note: A sample of “Rockin the Boat” by Hugo Frey and “Little Mother of Mine” by Walter H. Brown and H. T. Burleigh


[Verse 1]
All my life is empty,
Since I went away,
Skies don’t seem to be so clear,
May some angel sentry,
Guard you while I stray,
And fate be kind to join us some sweet day.

Oh, How I want you,
Dear old pal of mine,
Each night and day I pray you’re always mine.
Sweetheart may God bless you,
Angel hands caress you,
While sweet dreams rest you,
Dear old pal of mine.

[Verse 2]
Dearie I’m so lonely,
How I miss your smile,
And your tender loving way,
I just want you only,
Want you all the while
May God decree I have you back some day.



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