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Dirty Hands! Dirty Face!
Lyric By Al Jolson, Grant Clarke & Edgar Leslie
Music by James V. Monaco

New York (1591 Broadway): Published by Charles & Leslie Songs, Inc. (1923)

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[Verse 1]
Wonderful pals are always hard to find,
Some folk’s have one,
Some folk’s have none
I was alone for years, but fate was kind
And in the end, Sent me a friend
Altho’ he’s not much higher than my knee,
Still he’s the greatest thing on earth to me.

Dirty hand, Dirty face, leads the neighbors a chase but his smile, is as cute as can be
Making noise, breaking toys, always fights, with the boys, but his eyes are a vision to see.
And when my work is done,
Coming home to the setting sun, from the gate he starts to run,
Then I kiss my boy.
Dirty Hands, Dirty Face
Little Devil they say, but to me he’s an angel of joy.

[Verse 2]
When stars are peeping I tuck him to sleep,
With lullabies,
To close his eyes He prays the Lord his little soul to keep
And Daddy’s, too,
That thrills me through
And tho’ he hardly knows his A. B. B.
When he says Dad Oh! what that means to me.




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