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Ernest R. Ball

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Down the Trail to Home Sweet Home
by Ernest R. Ball

New York: Published by Mark Witmark & Sons

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[Verse 1]
When fortune you dreamed of has cast you aside,
And you are left drifting along with the tide,
Your castles have fallen, all hope seems in vain,
You're trying to find your bluebird again?

Would you like to go back to home sweet home,
Where the world and your friends are true,
And down the lane to stroll again,
where Mother waits for you.
When you've lost in the game of gold and fame,
And you're weary or fighting alone,
When the tears come
I know then the heart aches to go
Down the trial to Home sweet Home

[Verse 2]
When you are successful, the world's at your feet,
And friends by the million will make life complete;
But if the wind changes, you're left all alone
Till you get a work from Mother back home.


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