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Child's Wish


H D. Munson

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Composed and affectionately inscribed to his daughter by H.D. Munson Boston: Published by Oliver Ditson 115 Washington St. New York: J.E. Gould & Co., N. Orleans: Tyler & Hewitt, Charleston: J. Siegling, Boston: C.C. Clapp & Co.


1. Oh I long to lie dear Mother, On the cool and fragrant grass, With the calm blue sky above my head; And the shadowy clouds that pass. And I want the bright bright sunshine All round about my bed, I'll close my eyes and God will think your little boy is dead. 2. Then Christ will send an angel To take me up to Him; He will bear me slow and steadily Far through the ether dim, He will gently gently lay me Close by the Saviour's side; And when I'm sure that I'm in Heav'n My eyes I'll open wide. 3. And I'll look among the angels Who stand around the throne, Till I find my sister Mary, For I know she must be one; And when I find her, mother, We will go away alone, I will tell her how we've mourn'd for her All the while that she's been gone. 4. Oh! I shall be delighted, To hear her speak again, Though I know she'll not return to us, To ask her would be vain; So I'll put my arms around her, And look into her eyes, And remember all I say to her, And all her sweet replies. 5. And then I'll ask the angel, To take me back to you; He will bear me slow and steadily, Down through the ether blue, And you'll only think dear mother, That I've been out to play, And have gone to sleep beneath the tree This sultry summer day.

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