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T. H. Bayly

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I Turn to Thee in Time of Need
Written & adapted to a favorite Neapolitan melody by T. H. Bayly

New York. Published at Atwill's Music Saloon 201 Broadway

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I turn to thee in time of need
And never turn in vain
I see thy fond and fearless smile
And hope revives again.
It gives me strength to struggle on
Whate'er the strife may be
And if again my courage fails
Again I turn to thee.

Thy timid beauty charm'd me first
I breath'd a Lover's vow
But littl thought to find the friend
Whose strength sustains me now.
I deemed thee made for summer's skies
But in the stormy sea
Deserted by all other friends
Dear love, I turn to thee.

Should e'er some keener sorrow throw
A shadow o'er my mind
And should I, thoughtless, breathe to thee
One word that is unkind
Forgive it love! Thy smile will set
My better feelings free
And with a look of boundless love
I shall turn to thee.



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