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The End of a Perfect Day
Music by Carrie Jacobs Bond
Words by J.P. McEvoy

Chicago (726 South Michigan Ave): Published at the Bond Shop by Carrie Jobobs-Bond & Son

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They are coming home to the blare of bands,
To the proud applause and acclaim,
To the wreaths and songs and the yearning hands
And the hearts that are all aflame;
And we're waiting for those who with courage high
went forth to the flaming fray;
When their ships come home how our hearts will cry,
here's the end of a Perfect Day.
They are coming home with vict'ry won,
With the world made fairer and free,
And the lands that are cringed 'neath the lash and gun
They've retored to their liberty;
And the ones who sleep 'neath a far off sad
We will not forget
But pray
That we'll join them all at the Throne of God,
At the end of some Perfect Day.



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