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Eternal Love

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Eternal Love
Words by Ed Rose
Theodore Snyder

N.Y. (48 W 29 St.): F.A. Mills

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[Verse 1]
Oft' times you ask me if the love I bear,
Is like a summer's breeze,
Which softly comes and goes, no one knows were,
and sighs with the swaying trees.
If in the years to come,
I'll love you as today,
I can but say,
"I'll love you then, sweetheart, forever and for aye."

Not like the winter's snow,
Not like a simmer's breeze,
Soft thro' the signing trees,
Not like a flower rare,
not like the stars above;
none can compare with the love that I bare,
for mine is eternal love.

[Verse 2]
Do you recall the hours we spent alone?
Would they could a;ways be,
The tender love light in your eyes was shown,
when you gave your heart to me.
But soon the time will come,
When we must say adieau,
I only hope that we will meet above,
and then our love renew.




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