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Far O'er The Deep Blue Sea

Written by R. Horace Pratt Esq.

Composed by John H. Hewitt

Baltimore: Published and Sold by George Willig Jr.(1838)

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[Verse 1]
The moon is beaming brightly love,
Upon the deep blue sea
A trusty crew is waiting near,
For thee, dear girl, for thee!
Then leave thy downy couch, my love,
And with thy sailor flee;
His gallant bark shall bear thee safe,
Far o'er the deep blue sea,
Far o'er the deep, the deep blue sea.

[Verse 2]
The storm-bird sleeps upon the rock
No angry surges roar
No sound disturbs the slumb'ring deep
Not e'en the dipping oar:
No watchful eye is on thee now,
Then,dearest, hie with me,
And share a daring sailor's love,
Far o'er the deep blue sea.

[Verse 3]
She comes! she comes! with trembling step
Oh! happy shall we be
When safely moor'd, on other shores,
From ev'ry danger free!
Now, speed thee on my trusty bark,
Our hopes are all on thee
Bear, bear, us to our peaceful home
Far o'er the deep blue sea!



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