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The Bride, a ballad written by Charles Jefferys. Composed by S. Nelson. Boston: Published by C. Bradlee, 107 Washington St.

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Oh take her but be faithful still,
And may the Bridal vow
Be sacred held in after years,
And warmly breath'd as now:
Remember 'tis no common tie
That binds her youthful heart;
'Tis one that only truth should weave,
And only death can part.

The joy of childhood's happy hour,
The home of riiper years;
The treasur'd scenes of early youth,
In sunshine and in tears:
The purest hopes her bosom knew,
When her young heart was free,
All these and more she now resigns,
To brave the world with thee.

Her lot in life is fix'd with thine,
Its good and ill to share;
And well I know 'twill be her pride,
To soothe each sorrow there:
Then take her and may fleeting time
Mark only joy's increase,
And may your days glide sweetly on,
In happiness and peace.


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