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She Wore a Wreath of Roses
A Ballad
Sung by Mrs. Wood
The poetry by Thomas Haynes Bayly Esq.
The music composed and dedicated to Miss Norcott, by Joseph Philip Knight

New York. Published by Hewitt & Jaques 239 Broadway

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She wore a wreath of roses
The night that first we met
Her lovely face was smiling
Beneath her curls of jet
Her footsteps had the lightness
Her voice the joyous tone
The tokens of a youthful heart
Where sorrow is unknown
I saw her but a moment
Yet me thinks I see her now
With the wreath of summer flowers
Upon her snowy brow

A wreath of orange blossoms
When next we met she wore
Th' expression of her features
Was more thoughtful than before
And standing by her side was one
Who strove and not in vain
To soothe her, leaving that dear home
She ne'er might view again
I saw her but a moment
Yet me thinks I see her now
With the wreath of orange blossoms
Upon her snowy brow

And once again I see that brow
No bridal wreath is there
The widow's somber cap conceals
Her once luxuriant hair
She weeps in silent solitude
And there is no one near
To press her hand within his own
And wipe away the tear
I see her broken hearted
Yet me thinks I see her now
In the pride of youth and beauty
With a garland on her brow



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