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John H. Hewitt

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(Second Edition)
The Mountain Bugle
For one or two voices
(Revised and improved by the Author)
Written composed & inscribed to Miss Mary Margaret Houck by John H. Hewitt

Published by Geo. Willig Jr. Baltimore

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Cheerily the bugle sounds
When home returning o'er the lake
Merrily my bosom bounds
As each clear swell bids echo wake
Joyously I wing the note
To tell thee that thy hunter's near
Merrily I speed my boat
Towards the home by thee made dear
Dearest for thee, thee only
These mountain wilds are sweet to me
Each crag and valley lonely
Is blest because 'tis lov'd by thee
Sound, sound, sound, sound
The merry, merry mountain horn
At evening's close and morning's rosy dawn

Fearlessly the footsteps roam
Where snows hang on the dizzy steep
Driving from its rocky home
The echo of the hollow deep

Merrily the wild stag bounds
Until he feels the hunter's spear
Cheerily the glen resounds
With chorus and the hunter's cheer

Dearest! For thee &



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