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Sydney Nelson

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Ballad, written by Charles Jeffery, the music by S. Nelson. Boston. Published by H Prentiss.

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The morn was fair the skies were clear,
No breath came o'er the sea,
When Mary left her High land cot,
And wander'd forth with me:
Tho' flowers deck'd the mountain's side,
And fragrance fill'd the vale,
By far the sweetest flower there,
Was the Rose of Allandale,
was the Rose of Allandale the Rose of Allandale
By far the sweetest flower there Was the Rose of Allandale.

Where'er I wander'd east or west
Tho' Fate began to lour
A solace still was she to me
In sorrow's lonely hour
When tempests lash'd our gallant bark
And rent her shiv'ring sale
One Maiden form withstood the storm
'Twas the Rose of Allandale &c.

And when my fever'd lips ware parch'd
On Afrie's burning sand
She whisper'd hopes of happiness
And tale's of distant land:
My life had been a wilderness,
Unbles by fortunes gale,
Had fate not link'd my lot to her's
The Rose of Allandale &c.



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