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Flirtation: Answer to Fanny Grey
Dedicated to Miss Ellen Duane by the author

Philadelphia. A Fiot No.196 Chestnut St.

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You all have heard how Mister Charles left Jane for Fanny Grey
And tho' we think it very odd it happens ev'ry day
A Lady flirt is bad enough
But oh there's something yet is worse you'll say
I'll tell you what it is a male coquet
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la

Now Jane was not the girl he thought her turn was yet to come
"When Mr. Charles Tod calls again John say I'm not at home"
Next day came out - eloped they say ('twas in the morning post)
The heiress and coquette Miss G with Colonel Glossop Coste la, la, la, la

Says Charley Tod "that's rather odd but I'll go back to Jane"
"Poor foolish girl, she loves me still and I can soon explain"
"I have the tact I'll vow to her I never meant to roam"
The door was open'd "Sir" said John "Miss Frazier's not at home" la, la, la, la

Now by Great Western came a youth whom Jane nigh forgot
He woo'd in haste - she gave her hand - and soon they tied the knot
A not to Charles said "half past seven" - he thought he'd go at eight
He dress'd with care - and soon was there - the bride said "you're too late"
"The parson's so particular he did not chuse to wait" la, la, la

All belles and beaux a warning take - pray don't despise my song
And flirt whene'er your match you find for flirting in a throng
But if you strive to win a heart don't think it rather odd
If one and all we hope you meet the fate of Charley Tod la, la, la, la



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