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A ballad the poetry by George P. Morris, Esq. by whom it is respectfully dedicated to Major General Winfield Scott, U.S.A. The music composed by Henry Russell. On stone by Fleetwood. J.L. Morton, del. New York, Published by Firth & Hall, No. 1, Franklin-Square.


Upon the barren sand,

A single captive stood,

Around him came with bow and brand,

The redmen of the wood.

Like him of old, his doom he hears,

Rockbound on oceans rim:

The chieftain's daughter knelt in tears,

And breathed a prayer for him.

Above his head in air,

The savage warclub swng [sic];

The frantic girl in wild despair,

Her arms about him flung.

Then shook the warriors of the shade,

Like leaves on aspen limb,

Subdued by that heroic maid

Who breathed a prayer for him.

"Unbind him!" gasped the chief,

"It is your king's decree!"

He kissed away her tears of grief,

And set the captive free.

'Tis ever thus, when, in life's storm,

Hope's star to man grows dim,

An angel kneels in woman's form,

And breathes a prayer for him.

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