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Everything is Peach down in Georgia
Words by Grant Clarke
Music by Milton Ager and George W. Meyer

New York: Published by Leo Feist, Inc. Feist Building (1918)

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[Verse 1]
Down in Georgia there are peaches,
Waiting for you yes, and each is
Sweet as any peach that you could reach for on a tree.
Southern beauties they are famous Georgia’s where they grow.
My folks write me, they invite me,
Don’t you want to go?

Ev’rything is peaches down in Georgia,
What a peach of a clime,
For a peach of a time
Believe me,
Paradise is waiting down there for you
I’ve got a peach of a Pa, peach of a Ma,
Oh, what a peach of a couple they are!
There’s a preacher preaches down in Georgia,
Always ready to say:
“Will you love and obey?”
I bet you’ll pick yourself a peach of a wife,
Settle down to a peach of life,
Ev’rything is peaches down in Georgia.

[Verse 2]
All of Georgia’s full of peaches,
They’re all gorgeous, each on reaches
Right into your heart and makes you part of Georgia too,
Clingstone peaches cling right to you,
Peaches haunt your dream,
Think of getting, always getting
Peaches in your cream




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