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Fallen Leaf

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Fallen Leaf: An Indian Love Son.
Music by Frederic Knight Logan
Poem by Virginia K. Logan

Chicago (235 South Wabash Ave.): Published by Forster Music Publisher Inc.

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[Verse 1]
Dimly fade the stars at dawn,
Softly glows the morning’s ray,
Thru the pines the
West wind blows
Over mountains gray.
From my lodge thin lines of smoke
Rise to heav’n’s blue sky,
To the hill-tips lift thine eyes,
Hear thy lover’s cry

Thru the forest Lone I’m roaming,
My heart’s calling,
Fallen Leaf,
With the dawning,
I am coming
To thy lodge,
Fallen leaf,
Thru the forest
Lone I’m roaming
My heart’s calling;
Fallen Leaf,
With the dawning,
I am coming to thy lodge,
Fallen Leaf.

[Verse 2]
When the woods are deep with snow
And the stars give forth no ray,
Thou art then my moon by night
And my Sun by day.
When the Springtime blooms
When the soft winds sigh,
From the hills a voice you’ll hear,
‘Tis thy lover’s cry.


Hear my cry
Ah! Ah-hoo!



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