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Fair Hawaii

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Fair Hawaii, by James Fulton Kutz.
Sherman, Clay & Co. San Francisco.

Cover art by Leland Stanford Morgan, 1886-1981

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Enchanting is the scene when the silv’ry moon is beaming
On murm’ring waters at my dear Waikiki,
The twinkling stars are bright and of your sweet charms I’m dreaming
All my love will live for you eternally.

Fair Hawaii Oh dear Hawaii,
Lovely isle of the Southern sea,
Fair Hawaii Oh dear Hawaii,
Fondest mem’ries you bring to me.
Fair Ha me.

When faraway sweetheart I am always of you thinking
Of that sweet day dear when first I met you,
Love called me to your arms as the golden sun was sinking
‘Till we meet again, to you I will be true.



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