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Hitchcock's half dime series of music for the million.
Five O'Clock In The Morning.
For voice and piano.
New York: Published by B.W. Hitchcock, 24 Beekman St. Near Nassau, 98 Spring Street, and 164 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.

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The dew lay glitt’ring o’er the grass,
A mist lay over the brook,
At the earliest beam of the golden sun,
The swallow her nest forsook,
The snowy blooms of the hawthorn tree,
Lay thickly the ground adorning,
The birds were singing in ev’ry bush
At five o’clock in the morning,
The birds were singing in ev’ry bush
At five o’clock in the morning.

And Bessie, the milkmaid, merrily sang,
For the meadows were fresh and fair,
The breeze of the morning kissed her brow,
And played with her nut-brown hair.
But oft she turn’d and looked around
As if the silence scorning;
‘Twas time for the mower to whet his scythe,
At five o’clock in the morning,

And over the meadows the mowers came,
And merry their voices rang,
And one among them wended his way,
To where the milkmaid sang.
And as he linger’d by her side,
Despite his comrades warning,
The old, old story was told again,
At five o’clock in the morning.


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