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Flee as a bird. Song.
Words written and adapted to a Spanish melody,
By Mrs. Mary S.B. Dana,
Boston: Published by O. Ditson & Co., 277 Washington St.

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Flee as a bird to your mountain,
Thou who art weary of sin;
Go to the clear flowing fountain,
Where you may wash and be clean;
Fly, for th’avenger is near thee;
Call and the Saviour will hear thee,
He on his bosom will bear thee,
Thou who art weary of sin,
O thou, who art weary of sin.

He will protect thee for ever,
Wipe ev’ry falling tear;
He will forsake thee, O never,
Sheltered so tenderly there;
Haste, then, the hours are flying,
Spend not the moments in sighing,
Cease from your sorrow and crying,
The Saviour will wipe ev’ry tear,
The savior will wipe ev’ry tear.


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