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For Me and My Gal
Music by George W. Meyer
Words by Edgar Leslie and Edgar Ray Goetz

New York (Strand Theatre Building, Broadway at 47th St.): Published by Waterson, Berlin & Snyder Co. Music Publishers

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[Verse 1]
What a beautiful day,
For a wedding in May,
See the people all stare
At the lovable pair,
she's a vision of joy,
He's the luckiest boy,
In his wedding array,
hear him smilingly say.

The bells are ringing for me and my gal,
The birds are singing for me and my gal,
Ev'rybody's been knowing,
To a wedding they're going,
And for weeks they've been sewing,
Ev'ry Susie and Sal,
They're congregating for me and my gal,
The Parson's waiting for me and my gal,
And sometime, I'm goin' to a little home for two,
For three or four, or more;
In Loveland
for me and gal.

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2]
See the relatives there,
Looking over the pair,
They can tell at a glance,
it;s a loving romance,
It's a wonderful sight,
as fam'lies unite,
Gee! it makes the boy proud,
As he says to the crowd


[Repeat Chorus]



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