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As sung in the Messrs. Shuberts' production The Blue Paradise G. Schirmer, Inc., New York

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Let me hold you close to my heart,
Brush your tears away, dear,
While a fond "Auf Wiedersehn"
You shall hear me say, dear.
Something fills my heart with fear,
Tho' I know not why, dear;
Telling me "Auf Wiedersehn"
This time means good-bye, dear!
Calm your fears,
Dry your tears,
Hold me closer, closer to your breast,
I must weep or die, dear,
Love lives ever,
Knowing no word like good-bye,
Hearts may sever, true love can never die!
Calm all your fears and dry all your tears,
Love will remain when all else shall wane,
Guiding me on thro' the years:
Auf Wiedersehn, Auf Wiedersehn!

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