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Bert H. Delmar

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Price & Reynolds' Sixpenny Series. No. 44.
The Garden of my Heart
Introduced by Charles Cardle, principle baritone, "The Comets"
Words and music by Bert. H. Delmar.
London: W. Paxton: Price & Reynolds.

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When first we met you stood alone in a garden by the sea
Of all the flow'rs so lovely there
You were the Queen to me
And tho' I live for ever
That scene will never fade
The garden of gold, the flowers sweet,
And the little flower maid

In the the garden of my heart I have placed you there
No other flow'r I know
So sweet and fair
Tho' clouds may hide the sun,
From you I'll never part;
You are the one, the only flow'r in the garden of my heart...

Thro' the Springtime and the Summer
When the glorious days are past
Thro' the coming chill of Autumn
And the winters icy blast
I shall ever see the picture
In its frame of earth and sky
The garden old, the maiden sweet,
'Twill last me till I die.


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