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Gems of German song from the most admired compositions of Spohr, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Kalliwoda, Weber, and others, adapted to English words and arranged with an accompaniment for the piano forte.

No.1 Last Greeting
No.2 Passing Bell

Amid This Greenwood Smiling
Translated by J. Rhing
Music by Sisigmond Thalberg

Boston. Published by Geo. P. Reed No.17 Tremont Row

Some of the resources may contain offensive language or negative stereotypes. Such materials should be seen in the context of the time period and as a reflection of attitudes of the time. The items are part of the historical record, and do not represent the views of the libraries or the institution.


Amid this greenwood smiling
once stood a lovely cot
a huntsman's blooming daughter
shed beauty o'er the spot
and when abroad she wander'd
then I was ever nigh
when friendly I addressed her
so sweet was her reply!
The huntsman hath departed
the maiden too is gone
The cot in ruins falling
is desolate and lone.
A willow shall be planted
upon this orphan ground
Oh tree! May'st thou still flourish
And bloom all fresh and sound!
When age at length comes o'er me
I'll seek this shady spot
to dream of that fair maiden
and of the huntsman's cot.

Heiran dem grunen Walde
stand einst ein nettes Haus
da ging des Jugers Tochter
die schone ein und aus
Und wenn sie kam gegangen
war ich gewiss nicht fern
ich gruss-te sie freundlich
mir dank te sie so gern!
Der Juger ist ge zogen
aus diezer Gegend fort
das Haus ward ab ge brochen
und still ist nun der Ort
Ein Baumlein will ich flanzen
auf den verwais-ten Grund
Du Baumlein blu-he-kruf-tig
und blei-be mir ge sund!
Ich will in dei-nem Schaten
als Greis noch ruhen aus
Und von derm Juger traumen
Und von des Jugers Haus.



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