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The Garden of Roses song
Words by J.E. Dempsey, music by Johann Schmid
vocal duet, 60cents
New York, Detroit: Jerome H. Remick & Co.

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Come into the garden of roses, dear,
And stand where the sunbeams fall,
Sweet perfume a rises, like incense pure,
To one who is fairer than all!

Beautiful garden of roses,
Kiss'd by the golden dew,
Each pretty flower discloses
Virtues I find in you.
White means your soul so pure, dear,
Red is your love most true,
You are my garden pf beautiful roses,
My own rose, my own rose, that's you.

The roses that bloom in the garden, dear,
Must whither and fade, some day,
But time only adds to the rose of love
A charm that can never decay.



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