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The Old Granite State
A song composed, arranged and sung by the Hutchinson family

New York. Published by Firth & Hall 239 Broadway

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We have come from the mountains, we have come from the mountains,
We have come from the mountains of the Old Granite State.
We're a band of brothers, we're a band of brothers
We're a band of brothers and we live among the hills.
With a band of music, with a band of music,
With a band of music we are passing round the world.
We have left our aged parents, we have left our aged parents,
We have left our aged parents in the Old Granite State.
We obtain'd their blessing, we obtain'd their blessing,
We obtain'd their blessing and we bless them in return.
Good old fashion'd singers, good old fashion'd singers
Good old fashion's singers they can make the air resound.

We have eight other brothers,
And of sisters, just another,
Besides our Father, and our Mother
In the Old Granite State
With our present number
There are fifteen in the tribe
Thirteen sons and daughters
And their history we bring.

Yes while the air is ringing,
Withe their wild mountain singing,
We the news to you are bringing
From the Old Granite State
'Tis the tribe of Jesse, 'tis the tribe of Jesse,
'Tis the tribe of Jesse and their several names we sing.

David, Noah, Andrew, Zephy (aniah)
Caleb, Hoshua, Jess and Beny (jamin)
Judson, Rhoda, John and Ana
And Abbe, are our names
We're the sons of Mary
of the tribe of Jesse,
And we now address ye with our native mountain song.

We are all real Yankees, We are all real Yankees
We are all real Yankees from the Old Granite State.
And by prudent guessing, and by prudent guessing
And by prudent guessing we shall whittle through the world.

Liberty is our motto, Liberty is our motto
Equal liberty is our motto in the Old Granite State
We despise oppression, We despise oppression
We despise oppression and we cannot be enslaved.

Yes we're friends of emancipation
And we'el sing the proclimation
Till it echoes through our nation from the Old Granite State
That the tribe of Jesse, That the tribe of Jesse
That the tribe of Jesse are the friends of equal rights.

We are all Washingtonians
Yes we're all Washingtonians
Heav'n bless the Washingtonians of the Old Granite State.
We are all teetoatlers, We are all teetoatlers
We are all teetoatlers and have sign'd the Temp'rance pledge.

Now three cheers altogether
Shout Columbia's people ever
Yankee hearts none can sever
In the Old Sister States.
Like our Sires before us
We will swell the chorus
Till the Heavens o'er us
Shall rebound the loud hussa.
Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!



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