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Gentle Annie

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Foster melodies No.31
Gentle Annie
Ballad written and composed by Stephen C. Foster.
Also by the same author: The Village Maiden & C.
Published by Firth Pond & Co. 547 Broadway.

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Thou wilt come no more, gentle Annie,
Like a flower thy spirit did depart;
Thou art gone, alas! like the many
That have bloomed in the summer of my heart.

Shall we never more behold thee; thy winning voice again
When the Spring time comes, gentle Annie,
When the wild flowers are scattered o'er the plain?

We have roamed and loved mid the bowers
When thy downy cheeks were in their bloom;
Now I stand alone mid the flowers
While they mingle their perfumes o'er thy tomb. Chorus.

Ah! the hours grow sad while I ponder
Near the silent spot where thou art laid,
And my heart bows down when I wander
By the streams and the meadows where we strayed. Chorus.


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