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Georgia Land

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Georgia Land
Words by Arthur Fields
Music by Harry Carroll
New York: M. Witmark & Sons

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If any one should ask you where the sweet magnolias grow,
Say, "'Way down south in Georgia."
If any one should ask you where the birds sing soft and low,
"'Way down south in Georgia."
My heart is aching, breaking, and it keeps on telling me
To hop upon a train right quick, that's goin' to carry me

Georgia Land, oh, Georgia Land,
Gee! I feel great,
When I say I'm from the state where my Daddy and my Mammy,
Uncle Joe and Cousin Sammy and little sweetheart Kate, all wait for me,
In the land I want to be,
I'll never rest from morn till night,
i'll never know that I'm all right,
Till they carry me back to Georgia Land. In Georgia Land.

I just received a letter from that little girl of mine,
Away down south in Georgia.
She wrote and told me
"Come home 'hon', we miss you all the time,
Away down south in Georgia."
I can see a cottage with a "Welcome" on the mat.
Excuse me just a minute while I get my coat and hat.



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