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Gentle Words

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Respectfully dedicated to Mrs. James Bankhead. of Nashville Tenn.
Gentle Words
words by C.D. Stuart, music by Henry Weber.
Published by Jas.A.Mc Clure. 33 Union St. Nashville, 350 Main Street, Memphis Tenn.

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A budding rose in summer time
Is beautiful to me,
And glorious are the many stars
That glimmer on the sea;
But gentle words and loving smiles,
And hands to clasp my own,
Are better than the brightest flow'rs
Or stars that ever shone.

The sunbeam warms the grass to life,
The dew adorns the flow'r,
And shineth bright to hail the light
Of autumn's op'ning hour;
But words that breathe of tenderness,
And smiles we know are true,
Are better than the summer time,
And brighter than the dew.

It is not much the world can give,
With all its subtle art;
And gold or gems are not the things,
To satisfy the heart!
But, oh! if those who cluster round
The altar and the hearth,
have gentle words and loving smiles,
How beautiful is earth!



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