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All is Over

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Gems of German song from the most admired compositions of Spohr, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Kalliwoda, Weber and others, adapted to English words and arranged with an accompaniment for the piano forte
No. 4 All is Over

Boston. Published by Geo. P. Reed No.17 Tremont Row

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All is over, we are parted
Lost the light of life's young day
Now forlorn and broken hearted
Must I take my weary way
Lovely girl, I think with sadness
On the day that we first met
Then a rose my sun of gladness
Ah! How soon that sun has set
Oh! What blissful joy , what pleasure round by youthful heart I wove
Then my songs were gay and joyous
For the them of all was love
Now I wander forth dejected
Nothing caring where I go
And my songs are all neglected
Save some mournful strain of woe
Save some mournful strain of woe


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