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Here's a Health to Thee Mary
A Ballad sung by Mr. Horn
Written by Barry Cornwell Esqr.
Composed & arranged for the piano forte by C. H. Rodwell

New York. Published by James L. Hewitt & Co. 239 Broadway

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Here's a health to thee, Mary, here's a health to thee
My gay friends are gone, and I am alone
To think of home and thee, Mary, to think of home and thee
There are some who may shine o'er thee, Mary and many as frank and free
And a few as fair but the summer air
Is not more sweet to me, Mary is not more sweet to me

I have thought of thy last low sigh, Mary, and thy dimm'd and gentle eye
I've call'd on thy name when the night winds came
And heard my heart reply, Mary, heard my heart reply
Be thou but true to me, Mary, and I'll be true to thee
And at set of sun when my task is done
Be sure that I'm ever with thee, Mary, be sure that I'm ever with thee


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