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Lyman Heath

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The Cot Were We Were Born
Sung by the Hutchinson Family
Arranged as a song or quartett
Melody by L. Heath
Harmonized by Nathl. Strong

New York. Published by Firth & Hall 1 Franklin Sq.
and Firth, Hall & Co. 239 Broadway

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We stood upon the mountain height and view'd the valleys o'er
The sun's last rays with mellow light illum'd the distant shore
We gazed with rapture on the scene where first in youth's bright morn
We played where near is stood serene the cot where we were born
Ere sorrow blanched our brows with care and hopes flatt'ring high
How often have we linger'd there nor heav'd the breathing sigh
But ah! those happy days are gone and left our hearts forlorn
And still we gaze with rapture on the cot where we were born
The cot where we were born and still we gaze with rapture on
The cot where we were born

'Twas there that first a mother's smile
Lit up our hearts with joy
That smile can yet our cares beguile
As when a prattling boy
Though changes many we have seen
Since childhood's sunny morn
Yet deep in memory still has been
The cot where we were born

Oh! never till the stream of life
Shall cease to ebb and flow
And earthly sorrow with its strife
These hearts shall cease to know
Can we forget a spot so dear
As that we sometimes mourn
Beside the brook which runs so clear
The cot where we were born



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