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Go Call the Doctor & Be Quick or Calomel
Sung at the concerts of the Hutchinson family
Music composed by J.J. Hutchinson and respectfully dedicated to Dr. W. Beach

New York. Published by Firth & Hall 1 Franklin Sq.
and Firth, Hall & Pond 239 Broadway

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Physicians of the highest rank
To pay their fees would need a bank
Combine all wisdom art and skill
Science and sense in, science and sense in, science and sense in
Calomel, Calomel, Calomel, Calomel

When Mr. A or B is sick
Go call the doctor and be quick
The doctor comes with much good will
But ne'er forgets his Calomel, Calomel, Calomel, Calomel

He takes the patient by the hand
And compliments him as his friend
He sits awhile his pulse to feel
And then takes out his Calomel

He then turns to the patient's wife
Have you clean paper spoon and knife
I think your husband would do well
To take a dose of Calomel

He then deals out the precious grain
This ma'am I'm sure will ease his pain
Once in three hours at toll of bell
Give him a dose of Calomel

The man grows worse quite fast indeed
Go call the doctor ride with speed
The doctor comes, like post with mail
Doubling his dose of Calomel

The man in death begins to groan
The fatal job for him is done
He dies alas, but sure to tell
A sacrifice to Calomel

And when I must resign my breath
Pray let me die a natural death
And bid the world a long farewell
Without one dose of Calomel



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