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Give Me the Right to Love You All the While
Music by Abe Glatt
Words by Ben ward

New York : H. Von Tilzer

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[Verse 1]
I've been making love to you,
But you are so cold to me
you flirt with all other boys
You're as mean as you can, be
I wonder time and time again
Why we can't agree
I love you more than all the rest, dear,
won't you listen to my plea.

Give me the right to love you dearie,
All the while
Give me the chance to add the sunshine
To your dear smile
We'll build a nest and fill it just full love
Where we can coo like doves pretty doves turtle doves lovesly doves
Give me the right to drive all of your sorrows away
And we'll imprison Mister Cupid
With us for aye
Because I love you dearie I make this plea
Give me the right to love you all the while

[Verse 2]
I know lots of other girls
Who would let me be their beau
but you're the only one I love
And i'm sure you know that's true
There'll come a time 'twill prove too late
When I'll prove I'm true
I hope that day will never come, dear
That's just why I say to you.




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