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Bamboo Bay

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New York and Detroit: Jerome H. Remick & Co.

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1. There's a tiny bit of seashore
Where the trees of Bamboo sway
Where the sea is always moonlit
And they call it Bamboo Bay
There's a thousand dreams about it
That are ever on my mind
There I said farewell
And sad to tell
I left my heart behind

CHORUS: Drifting down on Bamboo Bay
With my love at close of day
Night birds in the skies above
Cried while I sighed "I love you"
When the dawn kiss'd Bamboo Bay
What else was there but
Au revoir to say
I never knew I'd lost my heart
Until the night we had to part
On the shores of Bamboo Bay

2. And I love the most to picture
Where the trees of Bamboo sway
When the big blue moon is rising
O'er the shores of Bamboo Bay
There I see a Hindu maiden
One whose heart will ever yearn
There I said farewell
And sad to tell I promised to return

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