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William Clifton

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Go Forget Me Why Should Sorrow.

A Ballad Selected from the New York Mirror,

The Music from Mozart's Opera

Il Don Giovanni,

Arranged and Adapted by William Clifton.

New York (No. 21 Broadway): Published at Atwill's Music Saloon (1840)

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[Verse 1]
Go forget me why should sorrow,
O'er that brow a shadow fling,
Go forget me and tomorrow
Brightly smile and sweetly sing
Smile tho' I should not be near thee,
Smile tho' I should never see thee;
May thy soul with pleasure shine
Lasting as the gloom of mine.

[Verse 2]
Like the sun, thy presence glowing,
Clothes the meanest thing in light;
And when thou, like him art going,
Loveliest objects fade in night:
All things look'd so bright about thee,
That they nothing seem without thee;
By that pure and lucid mind,
Earthly visions are refind.

[Verse 3]
Go, thou vision wildly gleaming,
Softly on my soul that fell;
Go, for me no longer beaming
Hope and beauty, fare thee well!
Go, and all that once delighted
Take and leave me all benighted,
Glory's burning, generous swell;
Fancy and the Poet's shell.



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