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Good Bye, All

(I’ll Soon Be Back Among The Old Folks)

March Ballad

Successfully Sung by Elmer Jerome

Words & Music by Ramone A. Browne

New York (124 W. 45th St): Published by Smith & Browne Inc. Music Publishers (1913)

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[Verse 1]
Hear that steam-boat whistle blow!
Calling, calling me to go;
Hear them shouting "All aboard!"
In my heart that strikes a chord;
You're wasting time to try and make me cancel
I've made my mind up, and I'm on my way.

I'll soon be back among the old folks;
Back to the place where I was born;
Among old fashioned solid gold folks
Whose lives are like a
Summer morn, all sunshine;
I'm going back to my first sweet-heart;
Back to the Old Town Hall;
In "Humpty Dumpty Town"
I'm goin' to settle down
Good bye all!

[Verse 2]
Good-bye Jack, and
Good-bye Joe;
Good-bye Fan, and
Good-bye Flo;
With the Big Town
I'm all through;
You'll miss me and I'll miss you;
No use to try and make me linger longer
I'm going back to happy land today.



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