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Goodbye Dixie Lee

Words by Robert Levenson

Music by G. Vernon Strout

Boston (181 Tremont St.): Garton Brothers Music Publishers (1917)

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[Verse 1]
Dixie Lee the time has come to say good-bye,
Dixie Lee, now brush that tear-drop from your eye.
Tho’ I’ll leave you far behind,
You’ll be always in my mind
And some day I’ll come back, so don’t cry.

Good-bye Dixie, my Dixie Lee
Keep a place in your heart for me.
When I’m there way over the foam,
I’ll dream of you and home.
Some day when the sunshines again,
We’ll be as happy as can be,
Let’s hope and pray until that day,
So good-bye Dixie Lee.

[Verse 2]
When the roses start a blooming in the spring,
That is when I’ll be returning with the ring,
On that bright and happy day I will kiss your tears away
And never once again, dear, will I say.




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