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James B. Taylor

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O Sing to Me One Song of Thine
Composed and Arranged by James B. Taylor

New York: Thos Birch, Music Engraver, Printer and Publisher, Wholesale and Retail

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[Verse 1]
O! sing to me one song of thine,
One song before we part,
That I may bear away with me,
Its music on my hear.
O! let it be a gentle one,
A song of early joy,
Such as a fair maiden sings,
To win her much lov'd boy.
Such as a fair hair'd maiden sings,
To win her much lov'd boy.

[Verse 2]

Turn not, so tearfully away,
I cannot bear to part
With any thing but hope and joy,
In the swelling of my heart.
Look up to me with laughing eyes
We shall meet again ere long,
And then the greeting I shall have,
Will be thy gentle song.

[Verse 3]
So sing to me that song of joy,
That song of Summer bowers,
Murmuring, like the soft, warm breath
Of a south wind over flowers
I will kiss thee, as thou warblest on,
My token, as I part
And so will bear away thy love
And it's music in my heart.


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