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Words and music by E.P Womack; Arranged by Harry P. Guy; Published by Veterans of Foreign Wars, 406 Grand River Ave., Detroit Mich.; Dedicated to the Veterans of Foreign Wars


1. I've heard many beautiful songs in my time, Touched deep by their sweet melodies, But the song that I heard thru a window last night, Will live in my memory. 2. There's many a girl with her sweetheart tonight, As happy as happy can be, And there's many a one who is singing tonight, The words to this melody. CHORUS: Bring back the days of a short while ago, The ones I use to know, In fancy I see him when he went away, Standing in the moonlight rays, His eyes all aglow with the lovelight That only a sweetheart knows. Oh what I'd give, only to live, In the days of a short while ago.

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