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There's Rest for Thee in Heav'n. A song.
Composed & respectfully dedicated to his pupil Mrs. [initials obscured] Richards
by R.G. Paige

New York. Published by Hewitt & Jaques 239 Broadway

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Should sorrow o'er thy brow
Its darken'd shadow fling
And hopes that cheer thee now
Die in their early spring
Should pleasure at its birth
Fade like the hues of even
Turn then away from earth
There's rest for thee in Heaven

If ever life should seem
To thee a toil some way
And gladness cease to beam
Upon its clouded day
If like the weary dove
O'er shoreless ocean driven
Raise then thine eyes above
There's rest for thee in Heaven

But oh if thoughtless flowers
Throughout the pathway bloom
And gaily fleet the hours
Unstained by earthly gloom
Still let not every thought
To this poor world be given
Not always be forgot
Thy better rest in Heaven


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