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New York: M. Witmark, 1918; dedicated with the greatest respect to the noblest of all Mothers Mme. Schumann-Heink; Lyric by J. Keirn Brennan, Music by Ernest R. Ball


1. Oft when I'm lonely my memory swings Back to your baby days, Feeling the joys that a baby brings Out of God's wond'rous ways; Seeming to hear the first pray'r that you said, Longing to tuck you in bed_ There's no one knows how I long for you now, Here with my arms outspread. 2. Boy of mine, Boy of mine, Altho' my heart was aching, I seemed to know you'd want to go, Pride in your manhood waking. I'll be here, waiting, dear, Till at a glad dawn's breaking, I'll hear you say you're home to stay, Dear little boy of mine, Dear little boy of mine. 3. Out of the mist of those wonderful years, I see your baby smile, Days when I kissed you and dried your tears, Seem such a little while; Hearing the words mother taught you to say, Watch you at your childish play, For always in dreams you're with me it seems, Just as you'll be some day.

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