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A. B. Sloane

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Written expressly for and sung by Nellie O'Neil
The Pride of Newspaper Row, Jimmy
Words & music by A. B. Sloane
De Pride of Newspaper Row. Jimmy

New York. Published by M. Witmark & Sons

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Jimmy Jones is me name
Selling papers is me game
I'm de toughest kid ever on earth
If you ask where's me home
From a box to de dome
of de World Building does for me berth
All de kids tip dere hats
Or I'd break in dere slats
Dey all knows me everywhere I go
You can hear dem all say
As I go by each day
Dats de pride of Newspaper Row

Jimmy, Jimmy, dats de salute dey gimme
Er'rybody bows to me wherever I go
Jimmy. Jimmy, you are de real thing Jimmy
You are the quickest, de cutest and slickest
De pride of Newspaper Row, Row

When de extrys is out
You can bet I'm about
At de same old stand den I'll be found
And de cops on de beat
When we chance for to meet
Never tells me to keep off de ground
And its dis kind of hunch
Makes a hit wid de bunch
And I keep it up just for to show
Dem geezers day dey
Have good reason to say
He's de pride of Newspaper Row


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