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Fanny Grey

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Fanny Grey
A Ballad of Real Life
Written and composed by the Hon. Mrs. Norton

Boston. Published by Parket & Ditson 107 Washington St.

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Well, well Sir! So you're come at last!
I thought you'd come no more
I've waited with my bonnet on from one 'till half past four!
You know I hate to sit alone unsettled where to go
You'll break my heart, I feel you will, if you continue so!
You'll break my heart, I feel you will, if you continue so!

Now pray, my love, put by that frown and don't begin to scold!
You really will persuade me soon you're growing cross and old
I only stopp'd at Grosv'nor gate, young Fanny's eye to catch
I won't I swear I won't be made to keep time like a watch!
I won't I swear I won't be made to keep time like a watch!

It took you, the two hours to bow? Two hours! Take off your hat
I wish you'd bow that way to me and apropos of that
I saw you making love to her (You see I know it all)
I saw you making love to her at Lady Glossop's Ball!

Now really, Jane your temper is so very odd Today!
You jealous and of such a girl as little Fanny Grey!
Make love to her! Indeed, my dear, you could see no such thing
I sat a minute by her side, to see a turquoise ring!

I tell you that I saw it all, the whisp'ring and grimace
The flirting and coquetting in her little foolish face
Oh! Charles I wonder that the Earth don't open, where you stand
By the Heav'n that is above us both I saw you kiss her hand!

I didn't love! Or if I did, allowing that 'tis true
When a pretty woman shews her rings what can a poor man do?
My life, my soul, my darling Jane! I love but you alone
I never thought of Fanny Grey (How tiresome she's grown!)

Put down your hat, don't take your stick! Now prithee, Charles do stay!
You never come to see me now, but you long to run away
There was a time, there was a time you never wish'd to go,
What have I done, what have I done, dear Charles, to change you so?

Pooh, pooh, my love! I am not chang'd but Dinner is at Eight
And my Father's so particular, he never likes to wait
Good Bye! Good Bye! You'll come again? Yes, One of these fine days!
He's turn'd the Street, I knew he would, He's gone to Fanny Grey's!


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